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Enjoy yearly trip to Qiandao Lakes

Views: 22     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-10-15      Origin: Site

    Hilmo organized the annual tourist activities on 30th,Aguest ,we traveled to Qiandaohu for 2 days . This activity not only enrich the spare time of associates , but also further consolidate the team work and keep everybody stay healthy. Besides it also makes Hilmo’s employees more harmonious and cohesion force increased .
    In order to promote our team awareness, publicize our enterprise culture, Hilmo organize two tralvels every year for the employees. For example, Qiandao Lake is known as five A-class tourist scenic spot, which famous for its multi-island, crisscrossed harbour, clear lake water and superexcellent ecological environment.Through the traveling, we feel close to nature and the nature brings us fresh air wide vision and relaxing mood at the same time. In the atmosphere of friendliness、mutual help amd cooperation, we learn more from each other more and better. 
   It is the best place in Qiandao Lakes where we can enjoy the senic and overlook more than 300 islands when we are on the top of Plum Peak viewing platform.
“You could have never been in Qiandao Lakes if you have not enjoyed the sight on Plum Peak.” Everyone who have been in Plum Peak from domestic and international tourists speaks highly of its beautiful scenery. We chated together, talked with each other happily, there was fulled of friendliness when we appreciate the panorama of Plum Peak.The trip left everyone a deep impression,in which we feel love and affection between us and realize that we are a very united team, we are a big family, with big warmth.
   As the tourists came back safety to company on 31th August,this travel draws a happy ending.Through this travel,employees have a opportunity to relax,close to nature and get well with each other.Furthermore,it enhances the cohesion of the enterprise,enriches the enterprise culture and plays a important role to the enterprise management in the future.I believe that everyone will take more energy,higher enthusiasm in the work.Because we are a big family,so we contribute the strengh for the company and work together for the family.


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