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Anti-riot uniform FBF03

2.High-strength, high-toughness, flame-retardant, impact-resistant, energy-absorbing material
  • FBF03

Anti-riot uniform FBF03

  • Size:165cm-185cm

  • High-strength, high-toughness, flame-retardant, impact-resistant, energy-absorbing material

  •  Anti-puncture performance The front chest and back protective layer is pierced with 20J kinetic energy, and the knife tip does not penetrate.

  • Impact resistance can be impacted with 120J kinetic energy, and the protective layer is not damaged or cracked.

  • Impact energy absorption performance 100J kinetic energy impacts the protective layer on the front chest and back, and the cement indentation is less than 12mm

  • Protective area Front chest and front gear: >0.10㎡

  • Back: >0.10㎡

  • Upper limbs (including shoulders and elbows): >0.18㎡

  • Lower limbs (including instep): >0.30㎡

  • Flame Retardant Performance The afterburning time after the surface of the protective part burns is less than 10 seconds.

  • temperature -20℃~+55℃

  • Structural connection strength, buckle strength: >500N

  • Fastening strength of Velcro: >7.0N/㎝2

  • The strength of the connecting belt: >2000N

  • Weight (kg) ﹤6.8kg (basic type)

• Made of new ultra-high-strength materials, with excellent protective performance, flexible wearing, flat and comfortable, easy to put on and take off, with good sealing performance, strong impact resistance, sturdiness and durability, strong waterproof performance, and light weight.

• Multiple structures can be adjusted, which can be worn and used by people with various head and body sizes.


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