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Multifunction Belt YD10

• Material: nylon
  • YD10
  • YD10

Multifunction Belt YD10

  •  Material:Nylon

  • Standard:GA890-2018《 Police singal equipment multifunction belt 》

  • Size: 1100mm-1500mm (main belt size)

  • Color: Black or white color

  • Weight:≤1.0kg

  • Structure:The main belt should be composed of belt brazing, belt body, belt hoop, nylon woven belt, Velcro, PE or PP material combination. The belt braze is a pair of plug-in structure, and the double-safety POM material is built-in with a pair of plug-in buckles. The outer cover is formed by die-casting zinc alloy, and the surface is electroplated. The color of the belt brazing should be matt silver white (nickel-plated).

  • Include:outer belt, inner belt, diagonal lanyard, basic baton cover, glare flashlight cover, police tool bag, handcuff , tear gas spray device cover, walkie talkie cover.

  • Appearance: The edge of the belt drill should be flat and smooth, free of burrs, sharp edges, and scratches. The drill should be firmly inserted, correct, accurate, and flexible.

• The main belt is internally worn with double buckle, which is easy to open and fasten firmly. 

• The oblique lanyard is 300-450mm away from the main horizontal waist belt with 3 small holes, which can adjust the length of the oblique belt. Loosen the adjusting screw and adjust the shoulder microphone ring up and down as needed.

• Always pay attention to moisture, and strictly prohibit exposure to the sun and fire. 

• After the rain, wipe it dry with a dry cloth, and place it in a ventilated place to dry without being exposed to the sun. Regular maintenance, after wiping it with a dry cloth, apply leather protection oil.

Weight: ≤1kg



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