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Lightbar TBD9652E

1.DC12V - 24V
3.Amber, red, blue, white color available
  • TBD9652E
  • Hilmo
  • TBD9652E
Hilmo LED Warning Strobe Lightbar TBD9652E
  • DC12V/24V/9-32V
  • GENIII 1W led 
  • Red,blue,amber,white  optional
  • 119CM, also 59CM,74CM,89CM,104CM,134CM,149CM,164CM,179CM,194CM,209CM available
  • Multi-function lightbar indicator, detail as below

  • More than 34 kind flash pattern selectable 
  • Hook fixing , permanent fixing optional, plastic bracket ,stainless steel optional

  • Two year warranty 
  • IP66 waterproof ,dustproof  
  • Anti-vibration
  • Temperature -40℃- +55℃  
  •   ECE R65 R10 SAE approval

  Button function

• The ligthbar is widely used by public  security,  police, ambulance , fire  services,  engineering, army.
• Newly streamlined and ultra-thin appearance design, elegant and generous.
• Due to the widespread use of  imported PC material, high-brightness LED,high stability chips,
this product features with  high brightness, low-power consumption  and long life, etc.  .
• Multifunction system and 360-degree lighting is suit all your needs and situations.


Lightbar size:                 Packing size:

59cm*24cm*9.6cm        65cm*29cm*18cm

74cm*24cm*9.6cm        80cm*29cm*18cm

89cm*24cm*9.6cm        95cm*29cm*18cm

119cm*24cm*9.6cm      125cm*29cm*18cm

134cm*24cm*9.6cm      140cm*29cm*18cm

149cm*24cm*9.6cm      155cm*29cm*18cm

164cm*24cm*9.6cm      170cm*29cm*18cm

179cm*24cm*9.6cm       185cm*29cm*18cm

194cm*24cm*9.6cm       200cm*29cm*18cm

209cm*24cm*9.6cm       214cm*29cm*18cm


HILMO Security is one of the biggest manufactory of warning lightbar ,siren and speaker in China which was found in 1998. With 13 branch office all over China, reliable quality and excellent after-sales service make HILMO brand gain very good reputation in China!