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Baton JG30

Extended length ≤508mm
Baton contracted length should be 223mm±2mm.
  • JG30
  • JG30

 Baton  JG30

  • Handle-black matte wear-resistant paint.

  • Grip handle--grain-like shockproof.

  • Size: Grip φ26.5mm, the tube φ20.5mm, the front tube φ16mm.

  • Baton contracted length should be 223mm±2mm.

  • Extended length≤508mm

  • Weight: ≤340g

  • Usage method:
    Flick out, one hand flick out slightly, mechanical locked when hearing the sound.
    Pull out, pull out the first and second sections of the baton, mechanical locked when hearing the sound.

  • Shrink method:
    Automatically shrink, head up, press the button,gently shake the baton, then completely shrinked.
    Auxiliary shrink, press the button, hand beat the head of the batons, then completely shrinked.

• aviation aluminum telescopic baton

• strengthen the hardness, smooth surface, base button control the retracted and extended way.

  • Size: Grip φ26.5mm, the tube φ20.5mm, the front tube φ16mm.

Weight: ≤340g


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